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We believe that the history and heritage of Ogden is very important, and deserves to be shared widely with the community. But we need your help. If you can, please do any or all of the following:

1 - Become a member
There is currently no membership fee or other obligation involved with membership in Heritage Ogden. Membership means you will be added to the email list, kept up to date on upcoming activities and you are able to vote at the annual general meeting. An email address and name is sufficient to become a member. Email us here.

2 - Participate in some of the activities
Ongoing activities include an inventory of old buildings in Ogden, organizing seminars and other events in collaboration with other local historical societies, and the construction of exterior display stands that will be located around Ogden.

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3 - Share your stories, old photographs
We often hear the comment, "Oh, I have my grandfather's old photos stored away somewhere...". There must be many treasures of Ogden history stashed away in drawers and cupboards, and these could be valuable additions to our growing collection. Photographs, paintings, letters, diaries, family histories - all of these could contribute to documenting the history of Ogden. We can scan and record documents in your home; your family treasures need never leave the house. Or, if you own an old building, let us have a look and we'll prepare a free report for you on it's history.