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Our interests:
We are interested in all aspects of history and heritage, from old buildings to old maps, stories from the early days of farming and granite quarrying, and understanding of first nations occupation, to pioneer families and the first summer residents. In short, if it happened, or was built or used in Ogden before 1950, we would be keen to know about it.

Rediker Barn

Ogden actually has a surprisingly long and interesting history. From millennia of indigenous habitation, to Robert Roger's retreat through the area in 1759, to the first survey of the border in 1772, and the very first settler in all of Stanstead County in 1794. Perhaps the most tangible and evident examples of our history and heritage are the numerous 19th century buildings still standing in Ogden. This built heritage is also that part of our collective legacy at greatest risk, and every year we lose more old buildings to fire, demolition, or abandonment and neglect. For this reason one of the first endeavors to be undertaken by Heritage Ogden is to build an inventory of our old buildings. Nothing can be saved if we know nothing of what we have! This is an ongoing project for which we need volunteers.

Who we are:
Heritage Ogden (officially le Comité local du patrimoine d'Ogden) was formed by a group of citizens in the spring of 2015 and formally recognized by the Municipality in September of that year. We are a registered not-for-profit enterprise, governed by the Loi du Patrimoine Culturel du Québec, and serve as a permanent consultative body to the Municipality. Anyone with an interest in the history and heritage of Ogden and the immediate surrounding area is most welcome to join, and is very much encouraged to do so. Membership on the committee is free.

We need your help:
We believe that the history and heritage of Ogden is very important, and deserves to be shared widely with the community. Please consider doing one or all of the following:

1 - become a member (an email address & name is sufficient),
2 - participate in some of the activities,
3 - share your stories, old photographs, letters, diaries, family histories, etc. we can scan & record in your home. Your family treasures need never leave the house. If you own an old building, let us have a look and we'll prepare a free report for you on its history.

Thanks for the support!
Heritage Ogden is grateful for the support of the Municipality of Ogden and MRC Memphrémagog. For more information:

Recent activities:

Book Launch

Ogden book free to homeowners: The book, commissioned by mayor Richard Violette and produced by Heritage Ogden, has been distributed to many Ogden homeowners. If you have not received a copy, contact Ogden town hall. Read the story here.


Exterior Display Stands: With financial assistance from Ogden and the MRC we have installed 3 outdoor display stands that host a rotation of historical posters about Ogden. The poster collection is gradually being improved and augmented.

Collaboration: It is our intent to collaborate as proactively as possible with other local historical societies, and this work has already begun. In particular we are working with the Stanstead Historical Society, Copp's Ferry Museum and the Georgeville Historical Society.

Old Building Inventory: We are proceeding to the detailed phase of examining select old buildings in Ogden. Gradually an inventory of old buildings of local heritage value is being assembled.