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Poster display stand #3 installed at the Dominion Granite quarry.
Tom Montgomery

Heritage Ogden has been building and setting up display stands around Ogden, one at the town hall and one located in Weir Park. These displays are designed to each hold two large posters with local stories and other relevant information. The structures, designed by Ken Boulton, have proven to be popular and attractive, and plenty strong enough to withstand the weather extremes we have experienced lately. Several locations were considered for a third stand, but when Dominion Granite responded to Jeff Packard's query and generously gave permission to install one at the lookout over their quarry on Cedarville Road, it became the obvious choice. Once they had removed the existing picnic table, then our work began.

Probing the ground with a steel rod quickly made it clear that setting the posts in deep concrete-filled forms would not be an option because the area had been filled with bits of waste granite, with only a relatively thin layer of soil on top. In the opinion of Robert Chauvette, the best approach would be to mount the display on two blocks of granite, and the quarry management agreed to supply them. Holes were dug and the blocks set into position. Well... almost into position; Robert's careful measurement showed that one of the blocks had to be shifted slightly and he immediately set about doing just that, setting up scaffolding and a chain block to lift and move the granite into place. It's easy when you know how, and have the equipment to do it!

Once he was satisfied with the alignment, Robert used his grinder to flatten the top of the two granite blocks where the support brackets for the vertical posts would be located. Holes for expansion bolts were drilled into the rock and the metal bases were then tightened down. To make the brackets as secure as possible, holes for rebar were also drilled, and concrete was poured into circular forms on top of the granite. This display stand, like the other two that were built in 2018, should withstand whatever weather extremes are in store for us!

After several days' delay while waiting for materials to be delivered, the entire crew of volunteers - Ken Boulton, Philippe Danton, Tom Montgomery, Jeff Packard and Scott Pashley - assembled to set up the structure. Most of the components - posts, beams, rafters, etc. - had been pre-cut by Jeff Packard but, as some additional cutting would be required, the quarry allowed us to plug an extension cord into their outlet.

The vertical posts were installed, followed by the main beam across the top. Once these were properly aligned and squared up, the rest of the structure could be completed. One team worked on the rafters and plywood on the roof, while another team put up the framing and plywood where the posters would eventually be displayed. Next, the fascia, metal roofing and the drip shields were added. Finally, the poster was put in place and covered with a sheet of Plexiglass.

The Heritage Committee agreed, as part of the deal with the granite quarry, to replace the old picnic table. In fact, two new tables were built, and tested by the crew once the job was finished.